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Designer Help 7.1

This version of Adlib Designer Help ( offers full documentation for the database setup, the application setup, and contains the complete ADAPL reference.

The Help for Adlib Designer consists of one executable file (a .chm file) that can be run outside of Designer too. After downloading the file, place it on your local hard disk. (To run it from the network, some Windows registry changes would be required to circumvent certain Windows security measures.) In Windows Explorer then right-click the Adlib Designer Help.chm file and select Properties in the pop-up menu: on the General tab click the Unblock button (if present) to allow the software to function (and click OK to close the Properties window). Then just double-click the .chm file in Windows Explorer to start the Help viewer, or create a shortcut for it like you would for any other Windows program. The first time you open the Help, it is possible that you get to see a Windows Security warning first, stating that the publisher cannot be verified. This is not a problem. Just unmark the Always ask before opening this file checkbox and click Run. (If you do not unmark the checkbox, the Help content might still not show when you run the file.)

You can replace the already installed version of Designer Help by the version that you download here (to be able to open it from Designer), and/or just place the downloaded version somewhere else (do not rename it). In the latter case the downloaded version always has to be started separately from Designer (but this has the advantage that you can keep the Help viewer opened while you work in Designer). From within Designer, the Help viewer can be opened by clicking the blue button with the question mark in the toolbar to open a general Help topic, or by selecting an Adlib object property on one of the properties tabs and pressing F1 on your keyboard to open a specific contextual Help topic.

A .pdf version of the .chm file can be downloaded here as well, if you like that format better or wish to print the complete documentation (A5 format, double-sided).

Download Adlib Designer Help.chm

Download Adlib Designer Help 7.1.pdf