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All Adlib manuals (except the Designer Help) are made available in Microsoft Word format and can be downloaded from this website for free. Subsequently, you may print them on A5 or A4, if you wish, or view them on screen. (Click here for more information about printing and optimally viewing Adlib manuals in Word format.) By the way, digital manuals allow for much faster information retrieval than the paper versions, for example: you can jump to a searched chapter immediately by clicking the page number behind the relevant chapter title in the Contents of the manual, and you can let Word or Adobe Reader search for specific phrases in the entire text.

Manuals covering the general use of the Adlib software and the applications, can be found under the 'User guides' menu option to the left. Under 'Release notes' there is documentation about new functionality and solved problems per Adlib version to be found. Technical manuals are collected under 'Installation guides' and 'Maintenance guides'.

Should you wish to learn more about Adlib software, then one of our training courses is the best option to develop your Adlib skills in an engaging, 'hands-on' way.

User demo: Adlib quick start tutorial

Are you familiar with our user demo? This is an interactive simulation on your computer, for beginning Adlib users, in which you are guided to perform certain tasks, step by step. It is an attractive and user-friendly tour through the most important functionality in Adlib. You will learn how to work with Adlib in no time. Download the file here (16.5 MB), unpack it and double-click the unpacked .exe file in Windows Explorer to open it (start-up may take a few moments).

Paper version of manuals

Paper versions of manuals are available to purchase, at a cost of £40 - (excl. VAT) per manual. Please contact the Sales department for details.

The Spectrum standard

As a Spectrum Partner, we actively promote the use of the Spectrum standard for the professional management of collections. You can find out more about Spectrum and also access the download page to get yourself a copy by clicking on the Spectrum Partner logo on the left of this page.

Please also see the very useful Spectrum advice factsheets for more information.