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Why does the Search wizard search result not display all the found keys?

If you use the Search wizard to enter a query which yields a large number of found terms - e.g. by not entering a search key or just the first few characters - then only a limited number of these are displayed (just max. the first 100), as becomes apparent when you use the scrollbar or the scroll wheel of your mouse to scroll down. This speeds up searching, and limits memory use.
Pressing the Page Down key displays the next selection of 100 keys. Clicking it repeatedly displays the whole list.

In the figure below, you can see an example in which the Term access point in the Thesaurus has been searched on an empty key. Although the Search wizard states to have found 661 terms, at first only 100 terms are shown, in this case up to Chipping Norton. You can display more of the list via the Page Down key.