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How can I set properties for fields in the Print wizard?

If you have selected the Create a report with the Print wizard option in the Print wizard, then on the third page you can choose the fields you wish to print. The fields you select, appear in the list on the right, in this window. Double-click on a field in the box on the right to set some properties for that field.

The Field properties window opens, with three available options:

  • Repeat: set this option to Yes if you want all occurrences of this field to be printed.
  • Ignore empty: set this option to Yes if you do not want empty occurrences to be printed.
  • Column width: set this option to 0 to automatically let the column width adjust to the width of the caption of the column. Field values that are longer than the column is wide, are wrapped and continued on the next line. Set the column width to another value to specify the width of this column in AUs (Adlib units: a horizontal AU is 1/90 of the width of the default printable area of an A4). (This width is only relevant for the Record per row layout that you can choose on the next page.)