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What are the limitations of Adlib Museum Lite?

This free version is meant for a single user, and cannot be used in conjunction with a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database. The following databases are available to you:

  • Objects (maximum of 5.000 records)
  • Documentation (maximum of 5.000 records)
  • Visual documentation
  • Persons and Institutions
  • Thesaurus
  • Currencies

Adlib Lite offers a selection of the functions contained in a full version of Adlib. Frequently used features like repeatable fields, validation, long text fields, Boolean searches, predefined output formats and help texts are obviously present. Please note that printing to Word templates is only possible if MS Word has been installed on your computer, and has been restricted to 4 predefined templates.

The following list shows the features which are only present in the full versions of Adlib:

  • Expert search using the Adlib query language
  • Query By Form searching
  • Searching in multi-field indexes
  • Persistent storage of result sets and queries (in so-called pointer files)
  • Copying records
  • Derival of records from other datasets
  • Import of ASCII files in a single text field
  • RTF fields for laid out text entry
  • The Adlib clipboard for copying fields
  • Bulk search-and-replace in records
  • Spelling checker
  • Printing with the Print wizard
  • Printing to your custom Word-templates
  • Printing of linked images, via the Media Viewer
  • Use of an external thesaurus to validate your data entry
  • Optionally hiding specific tabs
  • Menu File > Device Management
  • Searching the record hierarchy (via the Hierarchy browser)
  • SQL and Oracle support