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Installing .NET Framework 4.5 for Adlib Designer 7.1

When your Adlib license entitles you to the use of Adlib Designer and you try to install version 7.1 from our click-once service, it's possible that you are notified that the installer cannot install Designer because .NET Framework 4.5 is not present on your computer yet. (Disregard the link in the message window: this brings you to the Adlib website, not to Microsoft.) In that case, this update has to be installed manually from Microsoft's website, before you can try again to install Adlib Designer. Note that Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 do not support .NET 4.5: in that case please install .NET 4.0.3 and request the Adlib Designer 7.1 build for .NET 4.0.3 from our helpdesk.

So close the message and open in your internet browser. Click the Download button.

At the bottom of your browser window, a message will then appear, asking you if you want to execute or save the file. You can choose either, but to execute the download immediately is easiest. The installation wizard for the software update will open. Follow the steps of the wizard and wait until the installation is complete before you click Finish.
Now run the click-once installer for Adlib Designer once more. The software should now install without problems.