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How do I export images to a Word template?

To begin with, the field containing the hyperlink to the image should be of the IMAGE type, and defined as such in the data dictionary; a field defined on a screen only, is not sufficient for this purpose. You can check whether the field actually is of this type, as follows:

  1. In a record, right-click the field which contains the path or URL to the linked image, and in the pop-up menu which opens, choose Properties..
  2. In the Field properties window, open the Data dictionary tab; the Data type property must be set to Multimedia (or Image). If this is not the case, or if no Data dictionary tab is present, then the field is not an image field or it hasn't been defined in the data dictionary. You can change this using Adlib Designer. See the Adlib Designer Help for information about editing field definitions.

To add the image to the exported fields, include a field reference containing the field tag in the template, just as you would for other fields. If the field reference is anywhere on the page, the image will be printed in its original size. Place the reference in a table cell on the page, and enter at least the cell width to accommodate the maximum width of the image. So, if the image is too big, it will be reduced.
In model applications 3.4 and older, the relevant tag usually is B1, while in application versions 3.5 and higher (and in Museum Lite 4.0 and higher) the tag FN is used for this purpose.

See the Adlib User Guide for more information about making Word templates for Adlib.