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How can I enter image references in Adlib Museum applications?

In 3.4 Adlib Museum applications, entering a path or URL to an image is done differently than in applications of version 1.1.5 or older. There is no longer an entry field behind Identifier (URL) on the Reproductions tab of an object record. In 3.4 there are two ways to enter the image reference:

  • Place the cursor in the Reference field on the same tab, and click the Edit linked record button. You can enter all relevant data for the image reproduction in the zoom screen that opens next, including the Indentifier (URL) and the Reproduction reference. When you close and save this zoom screen the data is copied to the fields in the catalogue object’s Reproductions tab.

  • The second way is to open the Adlib Museum application again or go back to the file menu and open Visual documentation to create a new record. On the Reproduction data tab you can enter a path to the image and an image reference. Save the record. Subsequently, you have to enter the same reference in the catalogue object record, to refer and link to the record you just made. The path is now displayed behind Identifier (URL).

In Adlib Museum applications version 4.2, the Identifier (URL) field has gone altogether: The (partial) path to an image now actually is the reference to the image, and must be entered in the (Reproduction) Reference field in the reproduction record (either directly in the Visual documentation data source or via a zoom screen from within the object catalogue), or indirectly by linking an image to the object record using the Finding image file button when the cursor is in the Reference field (in which case a Visual documentation record is created unnoticed.

See the Adlib User Guide for more information about linking images.