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What to do if e-mailing from within Adlib through MS Outlook no longer works

E-mails can automatically be sent from within Adlib at different points in the application. Different methods are applied to send e-mail: this will usually be SMTP, but in some cases the Windows MAPI will be used so that e-mail will be sent as if coming from within Microsoft Outlook. In the latter case it may occur that you can no longer send e-mails with the relevant Adlib function (even though afterwards Adlib may report that records have been processed), after you've started to use a new version of Outlook (64-bit versions 2010 or higher). During the fruitless attempt to generate e-mails you may get to see the error messages displayed below, or just one of them.

The underlying problem is caused by the 64-bit version of MS Outlook 2010 or higher that has probably been installed on your computer: these recent versions only accept 64-bit MAPI calls. However, the Adlib core-software is released in a 32-bit version by default. The solution then is to replace your 32-bit version of the Adlib executables by the 64-bit version. Please contact our helpdesk to request the 64-bit version.