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Why is it that sometimes data entry is not possible after installing or moving the Adlib software?

Under Windows Vista and Windows 7, programs are not allowed to write data in the \Program Files folder. This means that Adlib databases should not be located in that folder. If you installed the Adlib software underneath \Program Files or moved it there, you'll be able to search for data and view records, but you won't be able to make changes or enter new records. So move your Adlib folder to a location outside \Program Files, adjust your shortcuts to the Adlib software, and data entry is possible again. If you just installed Adlib with clean databases, you can uninstall it via the Windows Control panel > Software, and afterwards install it again using the installation cd, but in a different folder, like C:\Adlib Software for instance.
See the Installation guide for Museum, Library and Archive for all information about installing the Adlib software.