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Creating labels in Adlib using XSLT Stylesheets

As the popularity of Adlib’s Movement Module increases, so too does the demand for more sophisticated barcode labels. The Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London is a good example: this museum embarked on a major relocation of its entire storage facility. The museum commissioned us to produce labels that not only display the barcodes, but also contain a brief description as well as an image of the object. IWM 's additional request for a standalone logo - unrelated to the content of the corresponding object record - presented us with an extra challenge. The ‘standard’ solutions offered by Microsoft Word templates evidently did not suffice. To circumvent the problem, we created an XSLT Stylesheet for the museum that contained all of the requested output.

Using an XSLT Stylesheet for print output purposes is an unfamiliar and therefore less popular feature of Adlib. Creating a Stylesheet seems complicated: as a result, users have a tendency to revert to the trusted Word templates. However, developing or (initially at least) editing Stylesheets need not be difficult. To help users get started quickly, we recommend using the Label Print Stylesheet example, which we developed for the IWM. This Stylesheet can be tweaked at desired. In addition, a wide range of information about XSLT Stylesheets can be found online (for example on

download available on the support website.