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How do I create templates in which images can only have certain maximum dimensions?

To print nice lists of object descriptions using Word templates set up as Adlib output formats, it's best when height and width of the space that images from records can take up in that list, are fixed. See the Adlib User Guide for a general discussion of this topic. Instead of creating a new template from scratch, you may find it easier to adapt an existing template. Below, you can download four ready-made templates, which can be used in your application directly or just need some minor editing first. The possibilities and limitations of the first three templates are described in detail by the FAQ document which can be downloaded here as well. The fourth template is described further down on this page.

To download a template, click its link with the left mouse button. Choose the Save file option, or something similar. The file must have been saved with the .dot extension. If not, change the extension back to .dot, using Word or Windows Explorer. (Windows Explorer in current Windows versions doesn't show file extensions by default, but you can change that: please read the separate FAQ.)

You can open a .dot file in Word like any .doc file, to edit it. In some cases Word again automatically changes it to a document: then try to open the file in a different way (as a template). And make sure you save the template as a .dot file after editing it.

The downloadable document and the first three templates apply to model application 3.4 or older, in which the image field has the tag B1. In application versions 3.5 and higher (and in Museum Lite 4.0 and higher) the tag FN is used for this purpose and the field is sometimes called differently. Take this into account when reading the instructions, and also adjust the image field reference in the templates which you downloaded here, if you use 3.5 or higher. This applies to the location field as well: in 3.4 and older, that tag is ST while in newer applications the tag is 2A.

The fourth downloadable template on the other hand, has been created for 3.5 applications and higher, and prints 16 images (in a 4x4 table) with accompanying object numbers. You can adjust this template only slightly, for older application for example, by replacing FN by B1. Or you can adjust the height of the text box in the template, from 6cm to 4cm to be able to print 24 images per page: therefor first click the text box, then right-click the selection frame (the border) of the text box and choose the Format text box option in the pop-up menu; on the Size tab of the text box properties you can now change the height. Do note that in the output, the bottom of tall images will be clipped somewhat now.


FAQ Images in frame on templates.doc (Word document)
Download (16 images per page)