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Record lock manager

When a user starts editing a record, Adlib applies a so-called record lock. This prevents colleagues from editing the same record simultaneously: as long as there is a lock on a record, others can only view that record, not edit it.
The Record lock manager, since long part of Adlib Designer, can be used by the application manager to view all active record locks and possibly delete them. Deleting is necessary if a record in edit mode hasn’t been closed normally, because of a computer crash or something similar: the record lock will then remain and no-one can edit the record anymore.
However, Adlib Designer is not available to you if you use Adlib Basis or Adlib Lite and that's why the Record lock manager is also available as a separate tool, free for all Adlib customers, so that everyone can manage record locks easily and quickly.

After unzipping the file into a suitable folder somewhere on the network, you can simply start the Record lock manager by double-clicking AdlibRecordLocks.exe in Windows Explorer. Or create a Windows shortcut for it, to have a faster way of starting the Record lock manager. No further installation is required. However, the .NET Framework 4.5 is required to run this program. (You can download the .NET Framework from Microsoft's website, if it isn't present on the relevant computer yet.) Click here to open the online documentation for the Record lock manager.

Downloads: (2018-01-17)