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Adlib Office Connect plugin

Adlib Office Connect is a plugin for Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 (32 bit and 64 bit) or higher. In combination with a local or remote Adlib wwwopac.ashx (API) server, the plugin allows you to search an Adlib SQL database from within Word, PowerPoint or Excel, with a very simple search interface: no knowledge of Adlib applications and their user-interface is required. Selected data from the search result can be copied to the current document with a single mouse click, where you can change the layout as desired. An easier way to access and present data from Adlib databases is simply not possible.
The Adlib Office Connect plugin is free, but the required Adlib API server is not if you have an Adlib SQL Server Express license. A license for Adlib SQL Server or Adlib Oracle does include the Adlib API server.