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This page provides links to various Adlib software downloads. Under Upgrades you'll find the latest released versions of the Adlib software. Under Demos you may download a demonstration version of our applications. Underneath Other, you can find useful software utilities and ready-made templates and such.


  • Adlib 7.5 - Adlib 7.5 is the latest release of the Adlib core software. This download is available only to customers with a maintenance contract. Click the link for more information, the release notes and installation instructions.
  • Adlib Designer 7.5 - Adlib Designer 7.5 is the most recent release of Adlib's main tool for modifying your application. This download is available only to customers with a maintenance contract and a license for Adlib Designer. Please log in to My Adlib to acquire the download link.
  • Adlib Record lock manager - The Adlib Record lock manager is a free tool with which record locks can be managed without need for Adlib Designer.
  • ValidateDatabase - The goal of the ValidateDatabase tool is to check one or more Adlib databases for any field tags that have not been defined in the data dictionary (your .inf database structure files), report on them and add generic field definitions for those tags to the relevant .inf’s. (The tool works on SQL databases only.)
  • Adlib OAI Server - Adlib OAI server allows you to publish metadata from your Adlib database compliant with the OAI protocol for metadata harvesting. This download is free for customers with an Adlib license. Click the link for more information about this package.


  • Museum templates - This download contains three special, ready-made Word 2003 templates in which images get certain maximum dimensions (which is not easy to achieve), so that you can be sure to always print a fixed number of object records on a page. Read the FAQ about this subject for more information.
  • Example XSLT stylesheets - From Adlib 6.6, it is possible to build so-called web browser boxes and HTML fields into your application. XSLT stylesheets are required for this functionality. You can download different examples.
  • Example XSLT stylesheet for labels - Download an example of an XSLT stylesheet with which you can print barcode labels containing object images, to a normal printer.
  • Example XSLT stylesheets for images - Download two XSLT stylesheet examples with which you can print images in a table.
  • Adlib Office Connect - Adlib Office Connect is a free plugin for Microsoft Office 2010 or higher, which allows you to search Adlib databases via a simple interface, and directly insert any retrieved data in a Word, PowerPoint or Excel document. Click the link for more information.