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Versions Adlib Museum

Adlib Museum is available in four versions that differ in terms of functionality and flexibility.

Adlib Museum Basis

Contains all relevant fields for a basic inventory and allows the linking of unlimited number of photos, audio and videos to objects. In addition the solution comes with a fully integrated thesaurus module and allows the administration of address and biographical data.

Adlib Museum Standard

Comprehensive functionality for museum management, delivered with Adlib Designer - the Adlib ‘tool kit’. Adlib Designer can be used to modify the application to your requirements. This can be carried independently or by Axiell ALM.

Adlib Museum Plus

Fully integrated combination of Adlib Museum with Adlib Bibliotheek or Adlib Archive. You can search across both collections with a single query, and can establish hyperlinks between material of different collection types. Uses the same consistent thesaurus and validation files across both collections.

Adlib XPlus

Fully integrated combination of Adlib Library, Adlib Museum and Adlib Archive. Organisations that manage material which encompasses these three professional areas can now do so in a single, sophisticated Adlib application.