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Demo version

Adlib Museum is downloadable as a demonstration version:


Expansion modules

Adlib Internet Server

Your collection on the intranet or internet

Adlib Mobile Suite

Wireless into the storage area

SPECTRUM Compliant

Adlib Museum

Adlib Museum is specifically designed for recording and managing your Museum’s collections data. Years of experience in field of collections management is the foundation for Adlib Museum. This is partly why it has become the most widely used collection management software and is successfully implemented in so many museums and collection managing institutions.

Easy to use

Clear screen layouts, instinctive interfaces context-related help files, extensive validation files and the standard spell checker all help to make your work easier and more efficient. The flexible graphical user interface (GUI) gives the user the opportunity to modify toolbars, background colors, image viewer, font types and size, icon-size and more to suit their requirements.


The collection file lies at the heart of Adlib Museum. You determine the level of detail used to describe your items, making it quick and easy to edit or enter data. The user friendly record display includes fields logically grouped under a series of screen tabs (forms) which makes for easy navigation Where a tab is not relevant to the user it can be turned off enabling them to simplify their view of the system. Links to images and other external files, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDF files, are very easy to make.

Adlib Museum (Standard) includes screen tabs for the following types of information:

  • Identification and production
  • Physical characteristics
  • Production / Dating
  • Usage / history /ownership
  • Provenance
  • Condition / Conservation
  • Location and loans
  • Entry/Despatch
  • Reproductions
  • Numbers and relationships

All collections, multiple collections

Whether it is an art, natural history, industrial, archaeological or photo collection, Adlib will take care of it, and that also applies to mixed collections.

International standards

Adlib Museum Standard is certified as SPECTRUM compliant by the Collections Trust. Adlib Museum software also incorporates other international standards such as the “CIDOC” guidelines and Getty “Object ID”.

Search options

Adlib Museum offers you three effective search tools. The Search wizard is easy to use, and runs on a selection of indexed fields. The Query by Form can be used to combine search queries and search multiple fields simultaneously. A powerful search language makes it possible to query every field of the database. You can compose your own queries and include operators, such as ‘equal to’ or ‘less than’. Logical operators (such as ‘AND’ and ‘OR’) are also supported. Both queries and their results can be stored for future re-use as a “pointer file”.

Efficient to use

To streamline the process of updating multiple records at a time, the Adlib system includes a Global update function.

Large museums, small museums

We permit users to purchase only the licenses they need. A system can have as few as 1 license all the way up to an unlimited license. This means not only can the Adlib system deal with any type or size of collection, but the licence numbers are scalable to meet the needs of each museum.

Workflow management

Adlib Museum also offers you the opportunity to plan future work processes. This gives an extra dimension to collection management: for example, you are able to book in advance when conservation work is scheduled take place and when a loan should be returned. This makes Adlib Museum a powerful workflow management tool.

All aspects of collection management/museum-wide

Adlib Museum is more than just a collection catalogue. The work processes of every department are supported in Adlib Museum. This includes visitor/educational activities, loan management, exhibitions and conservation.

Safe and secure

Adlib Museum works with a role-based security system. Pre-determined access rights are assigned to roles and roles are assigned to individual users or user-groups. This offers you excellent protection against unauthorized use of your data. The automatic Recover feature ensures that your records can be restored, even in the event of accidental data loss.


All Adlib applications have full multi-lingual capability and store data as UNICODE.

Independent exports/Open System

Adlib Museum has an export wizard which can be used to selectively export data in XML, or comma separated values (CSV) while other user defined formats can be added. Naturally, it is also possible to import so that, for example, data from a legacy system can be transferred to Adlib Museum.

Print what you want

The print wizard makes printing easy and efficient. You can use pre-defined reports and lists, such as the inventory list or the works catalogue list. You can also (interactively) compile and design your own reports, and export data to your own Word templates. This is useful for letters, loan agreements and simple lists.

Effective thesaurus software

The Adlib Thesaurus functionality is among the best of its kind: a clear layout, easy to expand and simple to manage. Control of the status of each term, i.e. candidate, preferred/non-preferred is also supported. Adlib is also able to use external thesauri for which a web service is available such the AAT and Iconclass.

Choices and expansion possibilities

Choice of database

You can choose from MS SQL Express, MS SQL Server or Oracle database platforms.

Your collection on internet or intranet

The Adlib Internet Server enables you to use a web browser to make your collection accessible to colleagues or online visitors. You define which fields from your database can be searched on and/or displayed.

Mobile (also) in the storeroom

At most museums, the larger part of the part of the collection is in storage. Adlib Museum address the need to manage this material in-situ via the Museum tracker and various other modules. (Adlib Mobile Store Management – referencing and inputting records in the storeroom Adlib Relocation module)

API connections

The API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible to connect to data in Adlib from other software. Thus you can share metadata with a “Digital Assets Management System” (DAMS) or serve data for use in a web application or web store. The API connection facility is part of MS SQL Server version of Adlib. More info on

Three versions

Adlib Museum is available in three versions that differ in terms of functionality and flexibility.

  1. Adlib Museum Standard

Comprehensive functionality for museum management, delivered with Adlib Designer - the Adlib ‘tool kit’. Adlib Designer can be used to modify the application to your requirements. This can be carried independently or by Axiell ALM.


If you also have a library and/or an archive collection, you can use Adlib Plus or Adlib XPlus versions.

  1. Adlib Museum Plus is the fully integrated combination of Adlib Museum with Adlib Library or Adlib Archive.
  2. Adlib XPlus combines all three.

Organisations that manage material which encompasses these three professional areas can now do so in a single, sophisticated Adlib application. You can search across collections with a single query, and can establish hyperlinks between material of different collection types. Uses the same consistent thesaurus and validation files across both collections.

  • User-friendly
  • Clear
  • International standards Spectrum Cidoc
  • Easy to use
  • Workflow management
  • Efficient to use
  • Independent exports
  • Large museums, small museums
  • API connections
  • Adjustable to all collections Useful for multiple collections
  • All aspects of collection management/museum-wide
  • Easy reporting
  • Management Information
  • Multi-lingual
  • Can be integrated with Adlib Library and Adlib Archive to create an organisation-wide “cross domain” system
  • Choice of databases MS SQL Express, MS SQL Server and Oracle
  • Strong thesaurus management
  • Mobile (also) in the storeroom
  • Multiple search options
  • Secure
  • Assistance/support
  • Internet ready
  • Museum brochure Pdf