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Adlib Mobile Suite

Does your museum really keep track of the whereabouts of its objects? Sure, knowing exactly where each and every item is in your museum is a core requirement, but is also not trivial to achieve. Objects move in and out of storage facilities, go on display, get transported to other museums or are moved to photo or conservation studios. Being involved in the daily business of museums, libraries and archives worldwide, Adlib has developed a great tool to make the tracking and tracing of objects a whole lot easier: the Adlib Mobile Suite.

What is the Adlib Mobile Suite?

The Mobile Suite is a set of applications that run on a mobile device; this can be a normal laptop computer, or a portable device such as an iPhone or industrial pda. The device is equipped with a tag scanner, which can either be a bar code scanner or an RFID* reader. The applications perform four major tasks:

  • Identification of objects, locations and packaging
  • Recording of packaging of objects, either individual or in groups
  • Recording of movements of objects or packaged objects
  • Recording of condition checks of objects

Mobile Suite

Ideally all objects, locations and packaging would be equipped with a tag, but manual entry of ID’s using a keyboard is also possible.

(*RFID = Radio Frequency Identification, a small programmable chip and antenna that is mounted on a label and that contains a small amount of computer memory.)

Mobile Suite
  • on- and offline
  • use tracker or laptop
  • barcode and/or RFID
  • multilingual