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Adlib Library is downloadable as demo version:


Expansion modules

Adlib Internet Server

Your collection on the intranet or internet

Internet Modules for Adlib Library

SDI Module
Full text search
Online reservation

Adlib Acquisitons

Easy acquisitions

Adlib Loans Module

Fast loan transactions

Adlib Serials module

Efficient subscription management

Adlib Library

Adlib Library is a professional grade software package for information, knowledge and catalogue management in libraries, resource centers and similar organisations. For more than 25 years, Adlib Library has been successfully deployed in businesses, higher education, healthcare, cultural and legal institutions. It is this wealth of experience which forms the foundation of Adlib Library.

Easy to use

Clear screen layout , intuitive menus, context-related help text, extensive validation files and the standard spellchecker all help to make your work easier and more efficient. The flexible GUI gives the user the opportunity to modify toolbars, background colors, image viewer, font types and size, icon-size and more to suit their requirements.


The Adlib Library system is centred on the catalogue. The standard catalogue includes templates for the detailed cataloguing of books, audio-visual materials, serial titles, articles and URL’s, all presented in a clear and structured manner. The degree of detail in catalogue entry can be determined by the user. Links to external Word, Excel and Pdf files are standard options.

Cataloguing functions standard in Adlib Library:

  • Bibliographic description and imprint;
  • Abstract, classification and keywords;
  • Historical/rare books;
  • Administrative data;
  • ISBD presentation;
  • Unlimited number of copies per title description;
  • Data copying;
  • Acquisitions list;
  • Link to external files
  • ……and more

All publication types

All publication types can be managed in Adlib Library. Not only books, but also digital and multimedia publications, as well as magazine articles. Other possibilities include maps, sheet music, (scanned) documents, websites and other digital information. Adlib Designer is the perfect tool for tailoring fields to suit all of the above, and comes as standard with Adlib Library. Click the column on the right for more information or click here.

International Standards

In order to optimise the exchange of data, Adlib Library complies with relevant applicable international standards. SRU, ISBD/AACR2, Z39.50

Search options

Adlib Library offers you three effective search tools. The Search wizard is easy to use, and runs on a selection of indexed fields. The Query by Form can be used to combine search queries and search multiple fields simultaneously. A powerful search language makes it possible to query every field of the database. You can compose your own queries and include operators, such as ‘equal to’ or ‘less than’. Logical operators (such as ‘AND’ and ‘OR’) are also supported. Both queries and their results can be stored for future re-use as a “pointer file”.

Large and Small

An Adlib Library system is fully scalable and is therefore suitable for use in large, medium-sized or small organisations.

Safe and secure

Your data is completely secure in Adlib. Adlib Library offers various options for protecting your data against unauthorized use and accidental deletion. For example, there is an automatic ‘recover’ feature and roles and rights for controlling access to both data and system functions.


All adlib applications have full multi-lingual capability, and store data as UNICODE.

Print what you want

The print wizard makes printing easy and efficient. You can use pre-defined reports and lists, such as the Acquisition list or the ISBD list. You can also (interactively) compile and design your own reports, and export data to your own Word templates. This is useful for letters, loan agreements and simple lists.

Effective thesaurus software

The Adlib Thesaurus functionality is among the best of its kind: a clear layout, easy to expand and simple to manage. The thesaurus offers the same functionality as an authority file, but is also able to establish hierarchical relationships between terms. Control of the status of each term, i.e. candidate, preferred/non-preferred is also supported. In addition to an internally managed thesaurus, Adlib is also able to use external or even web-based thesauri.

Independent exports/Open System

At Adlib, we understand the value of your data. That is why Adlib Library allows you to independently and easily export your data to, for example, XML format. Naturally, it is also possible to import data from your legacy system to Adlib Library.

Easily assign title descriptions

The Adlib API interface makes it possible to directly import bibliographic descriptions from the Copac, Library of Congress or similar hosts.

Choices and expansion possibilities

Choice of database

You can choose from MS SQL Express, MS SQL Server and Oracle database platforms.

Expansion possibilities

To enhance the functions of your library system, you can expand it using optional software modules. Further information about these modules can be found on our website. Of course, all modules are fully integrated with the catalogue and thesauri, so data entered is immediately available across the whole system.

The main modules are:

  • The Circulation Management module – for quick and efficient lending transactions.
  • The Serials module – for managing magazine and loose-leaf subscriptions.
  • The Acquisitions module – to manage the entire book ordering process.

Your collection on internet or intranet

The Adlib Internet Server enables you to use a web browser to make your collection accessible to colleagues or online visitors. You define which fields from your database can be searched on and/or displayed.

Internet Modules

Three options are available as add-ons to the Internet Server software;

  • SDI alert (Selective Dissemination of Information) makes it possible to deliver custom-made services. Your users can register an interest profile, so that the system can automatically inform them about relevant information and new acquisitions.
  • Online reservations allows web based users to reserve material from their web browser, and the user can also see what books they currently have on-loan.
  • Full text searching allows the content of electronic documents such as Word or Pdf files can also be included in a simple free-text search.

API connections

The API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible to connect to data in Adlib from other software. Thus you can share metadata with a “Digital Assets Management System” (DAMS) or serve data for use in a web application or web store. The API connection facility is part of MS SQL Server version of Adlib.

Three versions

Adlib Library is available in three versions that differ in terms of functionality and flexibility.

  1. Adlib Library Standard has extended functionality for library management, delivered with Adlib Designer -the Adlib ‘tool kit’-. Adlib Designer can be used to modify the application to your requirements. This can be carried independently or by Axiell ALM.


If you also have a library and/or an archive collection, you can use Adlib Plus or Adlib XPlus versions.

  1. Adlib Library Plus is the fully integrated combination of Adlib Library with Adlib Museum or Adlib Archive.
  2. Adlib XPlus combines all three.

Organisations that manage material which encompasses these three professional areas can now do so in a single, sophisticated Adlib application. You can search across collections with a single query, and can establish hyperlinks between material of different collection types. Uses the same consistent thesaurus and validation files across all collections.

  • Easy to use
  • Clearly structured
  • Configurable
  • Handles multiple publication types
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Easy report output
  • Creates management information
  • SDI option
  • Secure data
  • Easy download of bibliographic data
  • Integrated supplementary modules. Acquisitions module, Loans module, Serials module
  • International standards SRU, ISBD/AACR2, Z39.50
  • Workflow management
  • API / Open Data
  • Can be integrated with Adlib Archive and Adlib Museum to create a single “cross-domain” system
  • Scalable
  • Choose between MS SQL Express, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases
  • Multiple search options
  • Excellent thesaurus functionality
  • Internet Modules: Online reservations and Full text searching.
  • Multi-lingual
  • Data export tool
  • & Internet ready