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Adlib Museum Lite

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Adlib Museum Lite

Collection catalogues for everyone!

Adlib Museum Lite is a new software package that enables small museums and private collectors to record details of their collections in a straightforward yet professional way. Best of all, they can do so without any costs, because Adlib Museum Lite is completely free. We are offering the opportunity to get started on your computerised collection catalogue right now!

Built on a solid foundation

Adlib Museum Lite is based on the renowned Adlib Museum software which is used by hundreds of organisations worldwide, ranging from Heritage Centres to National Museums. Axiell ALM has over 20 years of experience in museum automation on an international level. The benefit of our experience and technology is now available to all, at no charge.

Our aims in releasing this software are:

  • to encourage good practice across the cultural heritage domain, through the use of international standards;
  • to enable more people to become familiar with our high quality software solutions.

  • If in the future the need arises to upgrade, you can easily do so through our product range. Of course, any data you have entered into Adlib Museum Lite will be transferred safely.


    Adlib software is well known for being exceptionally efficient and easy to work with, and we have not compromised these strengths in Adlib Museum Lite. Data is entered and viewed through clearly structured interfaces offering on-line help, drop-down lists and look-up tables to make cataloguing straightforward. Every user can personalise the software by setting their preferred font type and size, toolbar layout, image viewer settings and much more.

    Object Catalogue

    At the heart of Adlib Museum Lite is the object catalogue. This holds all data about your collection objects. All types of objects may be recorded, from furniture to fine art and from stamps to steam engines. Catalogue fields are arranged in logical groups:

  • identification;
  • production & dates;
  • physical description;
  • techniques & materials;
  • condition;
  • documentation;
  • location;
  • insurance valuation;
  • acquisition & ownership.

  • Keywords

    Keywords or names that you enter are automatically validated against your own ‘dictionary’. New words may easily be added as you go along. This assures the quality of your data entry, search results, and greatly improves the efficiency of your work.

    Pictures, books, journals, people…

    You can store a lot of other kinds of information in Adlib Museum Lite, as well as details about objects. If you have a digital camera, you can record images from those too. You can also create records for books, journals and journal articles and link them to relevant object records. The ‘persons and institutions’ part of the system enables you to record full biographic details of the people or organisations associated with your collections.

    Step-by-step searching

    Any current user will tell you that retrieving your data in Adlib is easy and fast. Using our friendly Search wizard, you’ll find what you are looking for in a few simple steps. It is also easy to search on multiple criteria, such as a specific category of object from a particular time period.


    With the easy to use print assistant, you can create printed reports of any selection of collection records. You have the choice of a number of predefined page lay-outs.

    Data matters!

    We’ve been in this business long enough to understand that your data is of great value, and that you don’t want it to be ‘locked in’ to a particular format or system.

    That’s why we’ve made it easy to get your data out of Adlib in a variety of standard formats, such as XML. Our use of XML guarantees that your data entry work is fully future-proof.

    Let’s get started!

    Museum Lite can be downloaded for free via the download link on the left of this page.

    The automatic installation procedure is very straightforward and assumes no technical knowledge. After installation, you can get to work straight away. Included with the software is a Museum Lite user guide. Online help texts are available on all screens throughout the application. Active support for Adlib Lite products is not available.

    Museum Lite Brochure PDF