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Now available : Museum Tracker for iPhone 5

The Adlib Mobile Suite combined with the PDA has grown to be a trusted tool amongst Adlib users. In our previous post we have described some features of this combination. Now this application is also available on Apple iPhone 5. We have equipped the iPhone with a protective “sleeve”. This protective cover has a built-in barcode scanner, RFID & card reader which offers smooth and reliable handling. Bar codes are read and processed much faster than when the iPhone’s native camera is used. The sleeve we use is the Linea Pro 5 offered by Infinite Peripherals. This enhancement has proven its value: Apple uses them in their famous Apple stores. The functionality of the software on the iPhone is similar to the Adlib tracker 2 software, but of course the iPhone client software is built in the new iOS look & feel, making it much easier and convenient to use.

The benefits:

  • Faster through specific combination of hard- & software
  • Easier to operate with a self-explanatory app
  • Lower investment
  • More reliable Wifi connection
  • 3G/4G connectivity in case there is no Wifi signal available (outside, off site)
  • Multiple accessories available (e.g. loading cradles)
  • The iPhone can still be used as a “regular“ telephone, other apps remain usable
  • Option to take pictures of the object and packaging
  • GPS coordinates can be registered when moving