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Adlib 7.2 integrates Europeana Inside ECK client functionality

On Wednesday October 22nd Axiell-ALM presented the new support in Adlib 7.2 for the ECK (Europeana Connection Kit) which has been created by the Europeana Inside project in the Amsterdam Museum. The Europeana Connection Kit allows the upload, verification and preview of Cultural Heritage Data to aggregators for Europeana. Once the data have gone through the necessary steps at the aggregator layer they are ready to be harvested by the Europeana portal.

Key-note speaker at the mini-seminar was Collections Trust CEO Nick Poole. With his usual sense of humour Nick provided the audience with a great oversight how technology such as the ECK and Adlib’s ECK client implementation will lead to better access to cultural heritage resources to people like Thomas, the now 7 year old kid, who will be the “user of the future”. Nick said that he was excited to see that his ideas, that where sketched some 4 years ago to improve the connectivity to Europeana, made it into a commercial product.

Nick Poole from Collections Trust

The Europeana Inside project history was well explained by Marco Streefkerk from Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland (DEN). He stressed the importance of Private Public Partnerships in which software vendors, users and branch organizations, such as DEN, work together to create innovative solutions.

Marco Streefkerk from DEN

Mark den Elzen, Manager Customer Support at Axiell-ALM and Judith van Gent, head of the data management at the Amsterdam Museum, explained and demonstrated how the built-in functionality lets a user decide which data will be uploaded when using a single click “push” mechanism. “The nice thing is that this allows the data owner to stay in control and that besides an Internet connection and Adlib 7.2 it will not require any additional software” Mark explained. Previous methods required an on-premise OAI-PMH server, which can be complicated to set up.

Pieter Vijn of Beeld & Geluid gave his vision of the future of the ECK and explained how the Digitale Collectie Nederland and DimCon are working together to form the Dutch Digital Infrastructure for Digital Cultural Heritage.

The new functionality has been tested with CultureGrid in the UK and the “Digitale Collectie Nederland” which is hosted in the Netherlands by “Beeld & Geluid” (“Sound & Vision”). Hopefully the Dutch aggregator DimCon, hosted by the “Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed” will follow soon.

The new feature will be made available for free to all Adlib users who upgrade to version 7.2. This version will be downloadable from the Adlib Web site. for customers with a current maintenance contract. Adlib users without a maintenance contract can contact the Adlib sales team for further information.

Axiell-ALM would like to thank the Collection Trust, the Amsterdam Museum, Beeld & Geluid and DEN for their cooperation to organize this successful launch of the ECK in the Netherlands.